Internal Form for Nomination : Odisha Media Award 2017

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Odisha Media Award honors outstanding performance in a wide range of categories.With in-depth categories which cover everything from main stream to communitymedia, as well as a wide range of media industries & institutions from all across thestate. The Awards explore the full range of the profession, and provide a comprehensivelook at the most exceptional examples of media practices in Odisha. With such a scope,Odisha Media Awards ensure that achievements in all fields is acknowledged.
As you know now the nomination process is on & lots of nominations coming daily. Toadd values to the nomination process we expect nominations from our advisors, jurymembers, team members & well-wishers. A form is uploaded bellow with list ofcategories. You are requested to put 2 names in each/any category as your nomination.These nominations will be maintained as top secret & will be present forth is jury.