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1-   What is Odisha Media Award & what it aims to do?

Odisha Media Award (OMA) is an attempt by a group of journalists and development activists committed to the people of Odisha and the causes concerning them. OMA intends to facilitate media coverage of people’s causes by recognizing and encouraging journalists and media persons of the state of Odisha whose work helps highlighting and championing causes of people while passing relevant information for people’s empowerment.

2-    When the awards will be announced?

After the Grand Jury process is over, the awarded nominations will be contacted individually through email/phone from the OMA Secretariat.

3-    Who is eligible to apply for volunteering with OMA?
Any person who has interest in Odisha Media Award is welcome to volunteer for the nomination process, digital campaign & final event. Volunteering, however, is purely unpaid.

4-   Is there any Volunteering benefit?
Yes, Volunteers will be provided with Certificates from OMA Secretariat as a token of recognition.

5-   What are the date & timings for Odisha Media Award 2018?
Nomination will be open from 1st Feb 2019.

6-    Who can attend the award ceremony?
Anyone can attend this award ceremony. There is no entry pass or restriction for the event.

7-   How do I contact someone at the Odisha Media Award?
You need to write us at odishamediaaward@gmail.com saying your interest in the subject line of the mail. Our team will contact you within 2 working days, if your interest is our interest too.

8-   Are there partnership/sponsorship opportunities within the Odisha Media Award?
Yes. The Odisha Media Award is open for sponsorship and partnership proposals. To know our current sponsorship policies and other possibilities, please contact ansari4media@gmail.com.

9-   Who is eligible to apply for this award?
The Odisha Media Award is open to any media person working in Odisha and is concerned about the causes of people. The applicant can nominate herself/ himself for the award under any category, as specified in the Award Categories page, giving detail as desired in the application form. Even non-applicants like general readers/ viewers/ others can also nominate a journalist/ media person/ media house/ institution by citing the work that, the nominator feels, should be recognized and highlighted.

10- For how many categories one can apply?

One can only nominate self/others for maximum of two categories.

11- Is there any entry fee for Odisha Media Award?

There is no entry fee for application/nomination.

12- What is the process of entering the award process?
There are two steps of applying for the awards-
1. Fill the Entry Form online & submit it. After submission of this form you will get the Nomination form in your given email id.
2. Download the Nomination form, fill it up & send with required proof/documents to the OMA address, which should reach the office on or before the last date for nomination.

13- Can anyone working outside Odisha apply for the awards?
No, Odisha Media Award is meant for media persons working in Odisha only. So, media persons who have made Odisha their workplace can only apply.

14- Shall receipt of my nomination be acknowledged?
Yes, applicants will be intimated by email once the nomination form along with all the supported documents/material is received.

15- Can I send more supporting material later after submitting the nomination form?
No. Because this may rather cause confusion in sorting out thins. So, please be careful and attach all the supporting documents and materials while submitting your nomination application.

16- Will my supporting material be returned to me?
No. No material submitted in support of the nomination shall be returned. So, make sure that you have a backup of everything you submit in support of your nomination.

17- What is the jury process and when will it start?

The process of evaluation starts from the date of closing of nominations. Entries will be evaluated on well-defined evaluation criteria which is purely under the discretion of the jury board.

18- Is it mandatory to fill all the fields in the nomination form?

Yes. If something doesn’t apply to the applicant, s/he can write “not applicable” in the reply box but shouldn’t leave it blank because, in such case, the form shall be considered incomplete & may get out of the evaluation process.

19- How OMA will be beneficial for the awardees in future?

We are just trying to recognise and highlight good works done by journalists and other media persons in the greater interest of people and the society. We don’t say that getting recognition is a benefit but it’s certainly a need. OMA Secretariat, however, will recommend the names of awardees whenever there is an opportunity to benefit an awardee. So, relationship with the awardees and meritorious nominations will not be over with the award but OMA Secretariat will try to maintain lasting relationship with all awardees and shortlisted applicants.