How to Nominate

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Nomination for the award is web based.

The applicant can nominate himself/ herself for the award under any category, as specified in the Award Categories, giving details as desired in the application form available at ONLINE NOMINATION or Download NOMINATE FORM

Even non-applicants like general readers/ viewers/ others can also nominate a journalist/ media person/ media house/ institution by citing the work that, the nominator feels, should be recognised and highlighted.

One can only nominate for maximum two categories.

There is no entry fee for application/nomination.

Applicants are required to send required proof/documents to OMA address, which should reach the office on or before the last date of nomination.

Tips for Nomination

Part of the skill of writing your nomination, how you put yourself or media person of your choice forward, is most important. Here are some tips to make sure your nomination will engage the juries and stand out from the rest.

1) Less is more, but tell the impact

Keep in mind that the juries may have to read through many nominations by the time they get to yours. Keep your language basic and avoid using jargon. Present your information to the juries as though you are telling them a story. The beginning should set out your insight and objectives clearly, followed by how you could do it and the end should tell the impacts.

2) Create a good first impression and be unique

First impressions count. So make an instant impact by using short and concise sentences. Leave out any unnecessary details which will only overshadow your work. Think about what makes your work unique and focus your entry on supporting this one.One compelling idea is much better than including in as many points as possible, which dilutes the effect and makes the entry confusing to read.

3) Check, check and check again!

Be ruthless when redrafting. Once you’ve written your rough draft of the nomination, read it over several times and cut out unnecessary information. This will make it much clearer.

4) Documents are Important

It’s most important to submit the related documents/news clippings/video clips/web links etc to proof the nominations and its impact. When you are submitting one piece for the award, you have to submit another minimum 4 pieces as proof of your involvement in the profession.

Key Dates

 Nomination open: 1st Feb 2019.

 Nomination deadline: 15th March 2019.