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Award Categories

Odisha Media Awards honour outstanding performance in a wide range of categories. With in-depth categories which cover everything from main stream to community media, as well as a wide range of media industries & institutions from all across the state. The Awards explore the full range of the profession, and provide a comprehensive look at the most exceptional examples of media practices in Odisha. With such a scope, Odisha Media Awards ensure that achievements in all fields is acknowledged.

Category: Print
         Editor of the Year
         Columnist of the Year
Category: Television
         Best Show: Current Affairs
         Best Innovative Programme
         Best News Caster/Presenter

Category: Radio
         Popular Radio Programme
         Popular Radio Presenter

Common Category: Journalist/ Reporter
         Best Reporter (People’s Issue Reporting)
         Best Reporter (Environmental Reporting)
         Best Reporter (Developmental Reporting)
         Best Reporter (Gender Issue Reporting)
         Cartoon Journalist of the Year
         Photo Journalist of the Year
         Best Reporter (Community Reporting)  One from each zone (4).

Special Category:
   Inspiring Media Entrepreneur
   Best Peoples Cause Documentary/ Feature
   Best Media Institution
  Best use of New Media
  Best Blogger of the Year
  Best Community Media Initiative

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